Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, a debilitating and painful condition which plagues many individuals. It occurs as a result of the protective cartilage that cushions the area between your bones and joints decaying, as a result of improper work practices or genetic issues.

The disorder most commonly affects the joints in your hands, knees, hips and spine. Causes of osteoarthritis can be multitudinous and diverse, ranging from heredity, obesity, injury, joint overuse, poor office ergonomics and other diseases; often times, people feel like osteoarthritis can rise out of nowhere. Thus, make sure to be aware of the different causes. The treatment for osteoarthritis can range from simple joint protection, medication and pain management for milder cases of osteoarthritis; however, severe cases of osteoarthritis may need to be treated with surgery. Often, surgery requires bed rest and time off. For active people, this may be an actual nightmare. For more information regarding osteoarthritis, feel free to look at a comprehensive source with the treatments, causes, and symptoms of osteoarthritis. How do you continue to enjoy your life as a patient healing from the damage of osteoarthritis? One solution might be to find a hobby that allows you to focus your energy elsewhere. Thai carving, while not recommended that patients of osteoarthritis participate in, is a beautiful thing to learn about and observe. Investing yourself in Thai carving is an excellent way to learn more about another culture. Becoming familiar with other cultures could allow you to take a negative experience and turn into a positive, beneficial and educational opportunity to become a worldly individual.

Furthermore, recovery from surgery can often be debilitating and isolating. Bed rest may render individuals alone and away from family, co-workers, loved ones, and friends. Thai carving is a joint activity that can be appreciated in groups, giving individuals a reason to reach out to others and invite them to participate in their healing. Furthermore, after recovery, Thai carving may be a hobby to consider pursuing. This will give recovering individuals hope and anticipation for their future. So what is Thai carving?

Simply put, Thai carving is the act of carving fruit and vegetables with often an ornate and ceremonial carving knife. Fruit and vegetable carving is a beautiful and vital part of Thailand’s historical past; a past which is vibrant, creative and colourful. Introducing Thai carving to the life of someone who is recovering from osteoarthritis may allow them to view their own lives as dynamic, creative and colourful. Often, for those afflicted by osteoarthritis in their hands or nearby joints, taking up a hobby that allows them to gently use their hands in their own time, pace and schedule may be an excellent way to recover confidence and learn how to be patient and steady with themselves again. Thai carving is an exemplary form of art that can be used in many avenues of life, most of all, recovery and healing.