When deciding to include traditional Thai wood carvings in your home, you will want to make sure that they are your “hero” decor items, and are properly displayed to their full value. Your desire to display such pieces may come from a recent trip to Thailand, or it could just be a fascination and appreciation for this ancient art form.

In the Bedroom

One of the easiest and most eye-catching pieces of carved furniture to add to your bedroom is a beautiful carved headboard. The headboard will be the centre-piece of your room, allowing you to add complementary boho-chic touches such as scatter cushions and drapes.

A matching storage or blanket box for the foot of the bed is an excellent way to turn these items into a matching set.

In the Lounge or TV room

When incorporating Thai wood carving pieces into your living areas you may have existing furniture pieces, such as a modern TV unit that you love, but don’t be afraid to balance the modern and traditional pieces. There are excellent, smaller, Thai wood carving decor pieces such as ornaments or wall hangings that can give a living area a decorative boost.

Dining Room

Thai wood carvings can really shine within a dining room space. Investing in a one of a kind dining table set or sideboard will be a great conversation piece for your dinner parties.


There are countless options for integrating beautiful wooden carved pieces into your outdoor space, such as:

  • A large outdoor table for eating and entertaining.
  • Smaller furniture pieces for a lounge type setting, like a coffee table.
  • A large bench or chair, like a love-seat

Just make sure that any furniture that may be outdoors is treated appropriately against the elements to ensure longevity.


Taking care of your beautiful investment pieces is easy. First check what kind of wood your piece is carved from (for example Teak or Walnut), clean with warm soapy water, and then lightly oil with an appropriate oil product. This only needs to be done periodically, and you should avoid over-oiling your product.