The artistry presented in Thai fruit and vegetable carving draws and awes admirers around the world. This ancient Thai craft is being taught by teachers who love the craft and impart their skills to children. There are many occasions that can be celebrated with themes all carved out of fruit and vegetables. The kids who practice this art have such fun coming up with ideas to carve out of the many fruits and vegetable that are available.

Some beautiful birds made from Japanese squash have been made with long tail feathers. Peacocks, lovebirds, and even a flock of small birds intricately made from carrots. A rooster made from zucchini rings, and a simple little bird made from a large and a small orange. Helmets carved from watermelons are great for soccer events and occasions and the big day’s like Christmas, Easter, New Year and birthdays all lend themselves to being decorated with carvings from fruit and vegetables.

For the feathered look of some of the birds, a v-cutter is used, giving the feathers a very realistic look. This art is ideal for children on school holidays to teach them patience and the joy they will get from seeing their completed projects and teach them about their culture. Pumpkin carving of cartoon characters is additional fun projects for kids. Children are very inventive, so anything they can think of they can carve.

The carving would only really be for older kids, who would need to take lessons first though. The knives used are sharp and they will need practice in handling these tools. Yet some kids start as young as 8, with supervision. The idea of using carved fruit and vegetables can be used by parents too whose children don’t want to eat vegetables and thus beautifully crafted vegetable in various forms could entice them into appreciating the benefits of eating said fruits and vegetable.

There are many instructions, books, and video’s online on fruit and vegetable carving which can be very instructive and enjoyable for not just kids but the whole family. Creating family time together, and as a stress relief method too.

Perhaps over the holiday season, the family can make Christmas decorations and tree ornaments too, which would look great on a white tree. The carving art will go down great when entertaining guests as a novel way to present salads and vegetables.