Turning a tomato into a rose is very easy and it also uses the least tools for the job. Tools needed are one firm red tomato that is comfortable to hold for working with. A cutting board and an extremely sharp paring knife for a continues peel.

Hold the tomato held bottom up and make a shallow 1 inch wide cut around the base of the tomato, this will be your rose base. Working the tomato around the knife making a continuous strip, a half inch thick, as thin as possible without breaking it don’t detach the strip from the tomato.

Carry on and when you are close to the top, taper off the strip then cut it off. Place the strip flesh side up on the cutting board. Wind the strip inwards by rolling loosely and carefully from the base up, making sure each wrap is inside the previous one. You will finish in the middle this makes a tight rose. For a looser rose roll from tapered side first and just roll it up tucking tapered side in. When completed, tuck your rose into the base of the tomato. Add any leaves of your choice, and viola, now you have a rose