The art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving has been part of the Thai culture and art scene for centuries. This art form was only used by the royal palace and top-ranking officials, and by Buddhist monks for carved offerings in their religious ceremonies. Eventually, as time went on, the art filtered down to the citizens of Thailand where it is now used in a variety of forms and for many different occasions.

Fruit and vegetable carving by master craftsmen is used in Thai restaurants to show off their food, beautifully laid out on platters with an array of lovely flowers, leaves, birds and other natural elements. These displays show how inventive and industrious the Thai artisans are, who carve these art forms and their attention to detail and pride in their work.

Nature is the Thai people’s inspiration, so all carvings honour the beauty of the natural world, by using nature’s bounty. Thai fruit and vegetable carving has added to Thailand’s economy, supplying well-trained food stylists for cruise ships and the many Thai restaurants around the world using their skills in the display of their artists carvings at large banquets, weddings, and many different events in Thailand and all over the world.