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Easy To Implement Thai Wood Carving Techniques

The decorative art of Thai wood carving is known through the world for the master craftsmen who produce works of astounding visual beauty in many form

The Place to see Wood Carving

In Northern Thailand, there is a town called Chiang Mai, that now houses industrial factories that make allowances for tourists to see their wood carv

Thai Wood Carving – Why Lanna Is Respect For The Artisan

The Lanna method of Thai wood carving is strictly guarded against photographers and frowns upon photography of the ancient art form, specifically at a

Beyond Admiration Lies The Appetising Of Carving Skill

The art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving has been part of the Thai culture and art scene for centuries. This art form was only used by the royal pa

What is Thai Fruit and Vegetable Carving?

The ancient Thai art of carving fruit and vegetables is formally known as Kae Sa Luk in Thailand. Kae Sa Luk turns fruits like pumpkins, potatoes, car

The Art of Thai Fruit Carving

In western culture, you don’t often see elaborately carved fruit, even in the fanciest of restaurants. Yes, food presentation is meticulous, but it doesn’t usually involve an artist chiseling away at it for hours to create a work of art… Continue Reading →

Fruit and Vegetable Carving – A Great Skill For Young Creative Minds

The artistry presented in Thai fruit and vegetable carving draws and awes admirers around the world. This ancient Thai craft is being taught by teache

History Of Famous Thai Wood Carving

Wood Carving in Thailand was around and used for centuries before the earliest works were discovered, in the 16th century. No wood carving works befor

Thai Wood Carving – The Lanna Tradition

Lanna is a traditional Thai wood carving method which involves intricately detailed and takes years to perfect. This art is practised by expertly trai

Tools For Thai Fruit And Vegetable Carving

There are specialized tools one can buy which may cost you a good bit if you are going to be doing Thai fruit and vegetable carving for a living. But

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